The Katt Williams saga continues.....


My better-half and I were browsing youtube last night and we found a wedding party doing the thriller dance. We both thought it was pretty cool but the dancers were quite stiff so we went on a search to find the most precise rendition of our mutually favorite song.

She noted that I had to see the inmates in the Philippines do it. Wow, 1500 inmates doing the thriller dance on key, not missing a step. They even dressed one of the inmates up as a girl to play Ola Rays part. She was the random girl co-star of Jackson’s from the original video and quite cute for the 80’s if I might add.

As we were watching I noticed that the inmates were all in unison but I didn’t feel the pure dedication to the song I was looking for. At that moment my mind scanned the last 5 years of TV watching and remembered seeing a dance show on MTV back in 05, the host was a unbelievable dancer (in a totally manly way) and I remember being wowed by his Michael Jackson tribute. I couldn’t remember his name though so it took me about 10 minutes to find the show. The Wade Robson Project (Pronounced Rob-Sun).

SIDE NOTE – Mike wrote 4 of the 9 songs on the album thriller (Released Nov 30th 1982) but he didn’t write them on paper. He sung them into a recorder and committed them to memory. Sound Familiar? During its peak the record sold 1million copies a week, Quincy Jones told Michael that Billy Jean wasn’t strong enough to be on the record, guess who lost that battle? As a matter of fact 7 of the 9 songs on the album were number 1 on the Billboard Top 100.

I found that specific segment Wade did on the show. I was still a little in aw at his ability (In a totally manly way).

Here are two videos of his. First the tribute from 05 and second of him on a talent show in 1990. This cat is serious!

If you happen to find any thriller renditions that are dope please send them my way so I can post.

Richard Pryor: What more should I say?

"Congratulations" Umm.. Huh?

So I headed into the office on weds last week (day after election) quite excited about Obama becoming the president elect. I wanted to talk to everyone I came in contact with about it and share stories of the night before, however I was quite aware of the fact that I had to be quite casual about my inner joy.

I did what many of my black friends did. I walked the halls on breaks and in between meetings scanning faces, checking to see if the person in front of us was smiling back, regardless of color. It was kind of an unsaid rule that if you smiled at a black person on weds then you agreed with the general public’s opinion of who should be our next president.

What I didn’t understand however were the “Congratulations” that I commonly received from my Caucasian co-workers. Congratulations? I thought to myself “did I win the presidency?” I know my friends looked at me and thought “why does he have that confused look on his face?” To be real I wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or excited. Being caught completely off guard my response usually was “Thanks”. Everyone likes to feel like they achieved something right?

Bottom line, race shouldn’t play a factor. I say congratulations to everyone for the choice that they made on Tuesday night. Mark my words, the next time someone congratulates me on Mr. Obama’s win I’m going to say congratulations back, just to see the confused look on their face.

Wait, Has Ralph Nader losts his F**king mind?

Please comment on this one..

Comedian Katt Williams in weapons arrest

How do you get arrested twice in one year for the same damn thing?

NEW YORK – Comedian Katt Williams has been arrested on weapons charges in midtown Manhattan after police say they pulled him over for driving a car without license plates.

The 35-year-old performer was released on bail Thursday in time to make it for his show at Carnegie Hall. He told the audience that he "just got out of jail."

Police say a handgun was found in Williams' car after he was stopped for the alleged traffic violation.

His attorney, Charles Ross, did not immediately return a call requesting comment early Friday.

Williams is best known for his role in the movie "Friday After Next" and for his appearances in rap videos. He also voices "A Pimp Named Slickback" in "The Boondocks" animated television series. ---AP

Kanye West - Heartless (Animated Version)